Our Gastronomybarra

"All our dishes are cooked calmly and coloured by local and delicious varieties"

Cooked calmly, these villages offer us a wide diversity of recipes, which constitute a Mediterranean diet-style cooking with olive oil, garden products, sweet fruits riped under the sun, as figs or grape, legumes, with some outstanding recipes as “Gazpacho Manchego” (no-yeast cooked bread in a meat broth) “Serrano Ham”, the tasty Spanish ham or “Pisto manchego” (a mixture of vegetables roasted in the oven).
Don´t forget our famous rice recipes!!!

Please, let us know your special dietary requirements

Some of our famous recipes are:

Manchego cheese
Made with milk of a special sheep race, the “manchega” sheep, our shepherds were the creators of this tasty cheese, famous worldwide. We also include a visit to a cheese maker family company to know everything about this special delicatessen.

One of the most expensive spices. Saffron are the toasted stigmas of a very special plant,  Crocus sativus, which grows up very well in the extreme climate of La Mancha, where this product has the highest quality standards.

Olive oil
Olive trees climb up over the slopes of the Alcaraz range, where now farmers are growing the best of the best, the organic olive oil of Alcaraz range, the real olive juice, with the bright of the sun.

Every autumn, the wine season finishes with the grape harvest. La Mancha has the biggest worldwide vineyard. We will very happy to show you one of our cellars, where you will see the process of wine making and check the final result.